Read statements from some of our Clients who have transformed their look following Scalp Micro Pigmentation at Hair Restoration Clinic.

“I had 2 scars on the back of my head from an accident and the hair did not grow back on the scarred skin. I did not like the look of the scars and so I opted for Scalp Micro Pigmentation to cover the scars. They are no longer visible and the tattoo detail looks exactly like my other hair. Im glad my partner informed me of this procedure, she had heard of Janice and we have both seen some of her previous scalp treatments which look so natural”

Mark, 48 years old

“I always had a thick head of hair, but started losing in my mid-thirties so I was forced to shave the hair short so that the front and crown balding sections did not look so noticeable. I constantly wore a baseball cap to hide my shiny head and I hated the front hairline which had moved back quite drastically making me look older. New Scalp UK reviewed old photographs of me prior to the hair loss and in 2 treatment stages, tattooed a new hairline using tiny dots resembling natural hair follicles at root level. My bald crown was also covered with the scalp tattoo and you honestly cannot tell what is tattoo detail and what is my actual hair! Amazing results,”

Phil, 39 years old

“The front of my hair was extremely thin and made me feel very unattractive and depressed about my appearance. For years, I would use hair dye on my roots and leave the residue colour on my scalp skin in an attempt to disguise my visible scalp. Following my Scalp Tattoo at New Scalp UK, my scalp skin is much less noticeable and my hair appears thicker and denser, it is by far the best choice I have ever made.”

Ruth, 45 years old

“My hair started thinning around the front, the sides and I was practically bald on the crown. I opted for Scalp Micro Pigmentation to re-create a front hairline and cover the shiny scalp and now I look and feel younger. The delicate tattoo detail merges and blends in so well with my own hair. Hayley at New Scalp UK explained everything easily and the treatments were practically painless”

Adam, 31 years old

“Suffering from premature hair loss in my late twenties, I was left self conscious. I was nervous about having Scalp Micro Pigmentation but I’m so pleased that I did – I only told my partner about it and none of my friends or work colleagues have noticed that my front hairline has been tattooed. I would definately recommend New Scalp UK if anyone was suffering from hair loss.”

Nicholas, 28 years old