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Have you been trying to find a local clinic that offers a certified and affordable alopecia treatment? Barnsley clients are in luck now that they have found New Scalp. Arrange a consultation with us today by calling our friendly team of professionals on 01226 287 213 – we are always here to help and answer your questions.

Barnsley Alopecia Treatments with Amazing Results

New Scalp is a leading establishment that specialises in scalp micropigmentation, also referred to by the acronym SMP or the informal term hair tattooing. This is a revolutionary method that replicates hair follicles via a cosmetic tattoo technique for instantaneous natural looking results. For an effective alopecia treatment, Barnsley customers need to look no further than us.

The results are immediate and you can walk away feeling better after only a few hours. During follow-up treatments, the effect is improved even further by strengthening the area until you’re fully satisfied with the final result.

Scalp micropigmentation is the only alopecia treatment Barnsley can get that’s guaranteed to work for clients experiencing the condition’s negative symptoms. Our technically advanced machines ensure flawless results that are permanent and you won’t need to use any additional products for maintenance.

Customers with Alopecia

Here at New Scalp, we understand that alopecia can be a challenging condition to live with. The symptoms are changeable and oftentimes aggressive, making people’s futures uncertain. Thankfully there are solutions available now to remedy the situation.

While SMP is not a cure, it’s a highly effective cover-up solution to hide the hair loss that is associated with various forms of alopecia. You can rest assured knowing that only sterile single use needle cartridges are used for the treatment, so any risk of cross contamination is completely eliminated.

Before and After Our Alopecia Treatment in Barnsley

Make sure to check out our online gallery to see what a difference our Barnsley alopecia treatment can make. We have several useful pages with additional information for you to browse on our website, including the following sections:

Come to New Scalp for an Alopecia Treatment in Barnsley

Your Barnsley alopecia treatment at New Scalp will be carried out by our professional technicians Hayley Ernest and Janice Hilton, both of whom are fully qualified makeup experts. They have been trained to Gold and Platinum Elite levels respectively, so you can be assured that you’re in safe hands. Alopecia Treatment Barnsley

Through practicing this alopecia treatment in Barnsley on a full-time basis for several years, they’ve gained new knowledge and perfected their skill set even further. The results that you will receive at our clinic are therefore unparalleled by any competitor who might be offering an otherwise similar service.

Before the start of the alopecia treatment, Barnsley clients will be given a 24-hour patch test. This process is carried out in order to check for any allergies. We will also go over your health history to ensure that this treatment is the best option for you.

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