Scalp Micropigmentation

Receding Hairline Treatment

A premature front or side receding hairline can make you look and feel older before your time. Restore your appearance and confidence with scalp micropigmentation (SMP). Your completed style will look just like a short/shaven haircut that will never go out of fashion, and instantly makes you look and feel younger!

Choose either a natural, rounded hairline finish, or a more on-trend ‘shape up’ finish. The hairline to best suit your facial shape will be carefully measured and drawn prior to the treatment taking place.

Baldness/Thinning of the Crown Treatment

Baldness or thinning of the crown hair in men and women, can reveal the scalp skin, affecting self-confidence as well as ageing your appearance.

Filling in the gaps with realistic looking hair follicles, creating the appearance of thicker, denser hair on and around the crown area, thus covering up the baldness/thinning process and taking away the undesirable shiny scalp skin which sometimes becomes visible.

Baldness Treatment (For Little or No Hair)

If you have lost most of your hair or are suffering from complete hair loss, scalp micropigmentation is the ideal solution for creating the appearance of a full head of short, shaven hair, created right from the front and side hairlines, over the crown and right down to the rear hairline. This treatment will dull the shine of the scalp and cleverly merge and blend in with any existing hair.


Hair Loss treatments
  • Type I.
    Minimal hair loss.
  • Type II.
    Insignificant hair loss at the temples.
  • Type III.
    The first stage that requires treatment.
    From £500
  • Type III vertex.
    Receding hairline and thinning hair on the vertex.
  • Type IV.
    Bigger pattern on the vertex and hairline.
  • Type V.
    Patterns at both sites are bigger but a thin division line is still present.
  • Type VI.
    The bridge is gone but several strands of short fine hair may remain.
  • Type VII.
    The most severe form of hair loss. Little hair on the front or top of the head.

The process

At New Scalp UK, our aim is to provide you with a seamless, professional service from start to finish.

Clients at New Scalp UK do not have to tell friends or work colleagues that they have had any kind of scalp micropigmentation treatment as the results are so natural and realistic.

You will be offered a free Consultation where you will be provided with all the information you need and any questions you may have will be answered. A 24 hour colour patch test will be provided to ensure you develop no allergies to the products we use. Pre-Treatment Advice Forms, Consent Forms and Client After Care Advice Forms will be reviewed and signed.

Head scar cover up

Your level of hairloss and treatment requirements will be reviewed at Consultation Stage and the price for the area(s) of treatment will then be agreed. Prices depend on the size of the area and the amount of areas requiring treatment and treatments can be tailored to your exact requirements. On the Treatment Date, the hairline to best suit your facial shape will be discussed, carefully chosen, measured and drawn prior to the treatment taking place.

The correct pigment shade is matched to your skin tone and hair colour and the treatments is carried out over 3 sessions – building on the density each time until the required depth of definition is achieved. The colour can be made slightly darker on follow up treatments if necessary and the front hairline can be adapted and added to at each session if required.

Our pricing structure is based on the Norwood Scale of Hairloss and the overall cost is determined at consultation stage.

All treatments are performed using technologically advanced equipment which ensures excellent and professional treatment results. Only sterile, single use needle cartridges are used within our safety system to ensure the risk of cross-contamination is completely eliminated.