Scalp Micro-pigmentation for women

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Hairloss can happen at any time to men or women due to a number of factors such as diet/nutrition, age, medication, stress etc.

If you’re a lady who is suffering from thinning hair, Scalp Micro Pigmentation can work effectively to create the appearance of thicker, denser hair and covers the visible scalp making you feel less self-conscious.

Densification SMP works effectively for men or women alike with longer hair, who are suffering from the process of hair loss or hair thinning. The technique is used to fill in sparse areas of hair disguising the scalp skin and is covered with your longer hair so it is not easily noticeable by others.

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SMP for Alopecia
SMP for Alopecia
Scalp Mircopigmentation Barnsley
After treatment to hair loss
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Scalp Mircopigmentation for Women
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All treatments are performed using technologically advanced equipment which ensures excellent and professional treatment results. Only sterile, single use needle cartridges are used within our safety system to ensure the risk of cross-contamination is completely eliminated.