Treatment for Baldness Cardiff

Have you been trying to figure out the best choice for treatment for baldness? Cardiff customers suffering from hair loss need to look no further than New Scalp. Our scalp micropigmentation procedure will completely transform the way you look and feel, restoring your confidence. Book your treatment today by calling our helpful team on 02920 221 608!


Our Accredited Treatment for Baldness Cardiff Clients Will Love

Scalp micropigmentation often referred to simply by the acronym SMP, will be performed to perfection for flawless instantaneous results by the professional team at New Scalp. A treatment for baldness Cardiff can get today, SMP is the only solution that gives permanent guaranteed results for every client!


The Best Treatment for Baldness in Cardiff

When the hair on your front or sides begins to recede, it can make you look and feel older as a result. You can restore your appearance and confidence now with our treatment. The final style will look exactly like a closely shaven haircut that will never go out of style!


A Cardiff Baldness Treatment for Thinning Hair

Thinning of the crown hair can reveal the scalp skin, which may have a negative effect on people’s self-confidence. When these gaps are filled with realistic hair follicles, the appearance of thicker denser hair will be created.


Comprehensive Hair Loss Remedies

If you have already lost most or all of your hair, then SMP is the ideal choice for you. The treatment will dull the shine of the scalp and cleverly blend in with any existing hair for a highly attractive final finish.


The Process

Before we start, you will be offered a free consultation where you will get all of the information regarding our treatment for baldness. Cardiff customers are welcome to ask us any questions that will be answered by a professional team member!

A 24-hour colour patch test will be carried out beforehand to ensure that you develop no allergies to the products that we use. We will also go over your medical history to make sure you’re a perfect fit for the procedure. In the majority of cases, we can go ahead with no delay.


Come to New Scalp for the Best Treatment for Baldness in Cardiff

All of our technicians are qualified and trained to Gold Level with the Nouveau Contour Beauty Group. When you are looking for a place for certified treatment for baldness, Cardiff expert New Scalp is the only establishment to choose!

This treatment for baldness in Cardiff is carried out using highly advanced specialist equipment that ensures excellent results. Our team will only use sterile single-use needle cartridges to eliminate any risk of cross-contamination.


Gallery of Our Treatment for Baldness Cardiff Has Been Amazed By

To see what a difference our Cardiff baldness treatment makes, check out our gallery. The before and after images should give you all of the reassurance that you needed for getting SMP done at New Scalp!


Our Prices

The pricing structure at New Scalp is based on the Norwood Scale, so we are unable to provide a general estimate online as each client is different. We take great care to ensure that our fees are cost-effective and competitive.Treatment for Baldness Cardiff

We will be able to give you a figure for the scalp micropigmentation in Cardiff once we meet you and have a discussion. The Norwood scale is split into the following categories:

  • Type I – Minimal Hair Loss
  • Type II – Insignificant Hair Loss
  • Type III – First Stage That Requires Treatment
  • Type III Vertex – Receding Hairline and Thinning Hair
  • Type IV – Bigger Pattern
  • Type V – Patterns at Both Sites
  • Type VI – Bridge Gone
  • Type VII – Little Hair Remaining


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